Monday, September 21, 2009

Primero Memory

The corridors were long and endless. There were many doors and we kept walking not knowing where to stop. The whiteness filled the space and created a certain glow. I was holding his hand real tight. We were both very excited to meet her. Suddenly we reached a large waiting room filled with sunlight. There were many Dads there, sitting and waiting patiently while watching the never-ending news on TV. We hesitated. Should we sit or keep searching. "Ah" my Dad said to the nurse. "Can you help me please?" We were abruptly guided back to the corridors and kept walking. Finally, my Dad opened one of the doors a sliver and called for my Mom. I ran up to my Mother and her tightly. She was tired but smiling. She led me towards a small glass bed and gently lifted me up to see the contents. I was surprised and awed at the same time. There was my little sister Abby and she looked nothing like me.

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