Monday, September 21, 2009


The sun is beginning to peek out of the grayish clouds. I should go now before the weather becomes irrational yet again. I put on my cute little outfit to get me in to the sporty mood. IPod- check. Keys- check. As I walked towards the enormous green haven called Central Park, serenity began to settle in. I passed by strong, tall trees, kids playing baseball, squirrels scurrying about and fellow eager joggers. Walking up the slanted passageway the images became apparent. I take a deep breath and take it all in. Exquisite skyscrapers juxtaposed to a large clear reservoir. A few ducks swam in pairs, cruising along and glancing at the joggers. A tourist with a fancy camera takes a snapshot. This is my special place in New York. Where nature and industrialism live alongside one another. I stop to drink some water, breathing heavily. As I turn the corner, the long row of pink blossoms come alive. Each tree is different from the next yet they all come together harmoniously. The sun begins to settle and I see fewer figures circling the perimeter. This is the only sport I enjoy. The only sport I will do willingly. With such inspiring diversion, who can even call it a sport?

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