Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laid-off Thriller

As I walked in to the office everything seemed as normal. The same people drinking the same tasteless coffee chattering away. I sat at my desk and surprise- my username still worked. It all seemed too peaceful and mundane. And then…the phone rang. I snatched it up, the voice on the other side said "Dona"? The voice was all too familiar. "Yes", I said. I hung up the phone. It was really happening, the moment I had been dreading since this mess started. I looked around my cubicle. People looked the other way or kept their heads down. I walked out of the office to the elevator. My heart was racing. How much would they give me? Who would be in that horrid room? Entering the third floor, I was guided to a room. A sad room with sad people in it. This was the end and I was soon to be pleasantly surprised and calm.


  1. I remember this one. Been there. Still there. For shame... ;-)

  2. Glad you remembered it was one of my first pieces...