Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Review: The Recessionistas by Alexandra Lebenthal

Only an insider can detail the lifestyles of the Recessionistas with such accuracy, vividness and humor.  A tale of the times, anyone who works on Wall St. or lives in New York City, can relate. Focusing on how females have been affected by the recent financial crisis, the book offers a unique outlook to a once rich and powerful group of people. The author herself is part of this exclusive circle of wealth centered in the lavish Upper East Side. Her experiences, acquaintances and friendships influence this work of fiction based on historic events. Grigsby Somerset, the woman everyone loves to hate along with Mimi Cutter and some other friends depict the ugly side of being a wealthy wife and mother married to a Wall St. superstar. Their lack of connection with reality, lack of emotions and over selfishness is what ultimately brings to their demise which they are able to rise above. From haute couture and plastic surgery, frivolous spending and lavish charity events, social climbing and private schools, they are faced with the realities of this century’s recession.  Their husbands, scrambling to make ends meet, keep their companies afloat and keep out of jail, end up slapped with divorce filings for not being able to support their wives’ extravagant lifestyles any longer. The characters struggle with their new reality and yet come together in an attempt to make sense of the crisis that has affected them all so deeply.