Monday, October 4, 2010

The Social Network...

Intrigued, excited, awkward, fast, bumpy, angry and sad. I felt all of these while watching the new movie "The Social Network". The movie tells the story of how Facebook as we know it came about beginning at how the idea originated and formed in the mind of the founder Mr. Zuckerberg. It is interesting to note the actual social awkwardness of the founder Mark and the somewhat superior likeability of the co-founder Eduardo. Together they built a tool to overcome the awkwardness of being college nerds and enable people like them to hook up with beautiful girls. This revolutionary idea has transformed the social experiences most of us have and has reached the furthest of countries. It is amazing to think that one, or five, as the movie suggests, people, have been able to make such an impact on how people interact with one another.

The concept of Facebook was so well-received it was as if we were all yearning for something to help us be social without the awkwardness. I tend to wonder the merits of all this. Where did the good old days of talking to people, introducing yourself or even picking up the telephone go? Our every form of communicating and sharing with one another has digitized and with that our social skills have decreased. Mark, as depicted, is indeed a brilliant guy with few friends or people he can trust. He may have difficulty approaching someone and striking up a conversation but that doesn't mean the rest of us should...Or is this really a solution for all of those who are weird, shy or just lazy.

It has come to fill a whole in our society and has created a void where face time once was. An idea this good must indeed be a combination of several ideas executed so well by one!

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  1. Well done lovely!!! you described the same feelings that I had during the movie and after that. I like your post.