Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh, how I missed that feeling, the warmth that surrounded and filled me with glee and reassurance. Yes, I belong in this celebration, I'm part of this holiday, this is my occasion too, and one I can finally share with New York. Standing in Central Park nearing midnight, the excitement thickened the air and it was penetrating me. The DJ played the last upbeat song causing the crowd to jump and cheer in the snow-filled rain. My feet were soaking wet, my hair a mess, needless to say we did not bring an umbrella but we were overjoyed, drunk and highly anticipating the next few minutes. I looked around me and saw many tourists, heard many languages, recognized no one but realized we were all here for the same reason. We wanted to ring in the New Year in a unique and chilly fashion. The outdoor dance party, laser show, amazing fireworks and then 5k race were definitely a special way to welcome 2010!

We proceeded to go cheer on the runners. After all, they were running in the rain in costumes and skimpy clothing. Loudly rooting them on, I tried to locate my friend within them. She was a great runner, a New York runner and I was determined to take a picture of her during the race. As the minutes passed, we became wetter and more and more sober. We were becoming more aware of the cold and outdoor circumstance we were in. The champagne we drank before and during our celebration had kept us warm for about an hour, but all good things come to an end. "Dona, Dona", she called out and I spotted her in the large sporty crowd. We followed her to the finish line and embraced when it was all over. Happy New Year Twenty Ten!

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